AN01101 - Ford Consul (No. 4786 of only 5,000 distributed worldwide. SCALE 1:46)

Fiftieth Anniversary Edition of Corgi's First Product: Model 200

Corgi chose wisely with their first model, announced in July 1956, for although the Consul was by then six years old it was very popular and every boy wants a car like his Dad's! Within three months the initial production run of 100,000 had sold out and the Swansea factory had to produce a further 250,000 examples to meet demand. In four months Corgi made 118,519 more models than Ford did in six years, although at 2/9d the model was a bargain compared with the #663 Ford charged for the real thing. The Consul shared its unit-construction body with the more powerful and luxurious Zephyr/Zodiac and was a huge leap forward for Ford technically when compared with the V8 Pilot it replaced. This special limited edition model is made in exactly the same way as the 1956 original, with a metal chassis, turned wheels, and of course, for it would not be a Corgi without, windows. (Text description from the model box insert.)