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My Favorites
Matchbox Collectors Community Hall

The Matchbox Collectors Community Hall is a "Worldwide Meeting Place for Matchbox Collectors of All Ages" that I highly recommend for any die cast enthusiast. Several forums are available as well as a Matchbox Photo Guide. But by far the most interesting link for me is The Vintage (Pre-1970) Matchbox Forum.


Matchbox Grizzly is a German collector with a world-class collection of Matchbox. His web-site is a must see for pristine examples of any and all Matchbox items in absolutely mint, like-new condition. It's hard to imagine what his total collection is worth!!

Nigel Clarke's Rare Matchbox Minatures

All I can say is WOW!! An incredible site of rare Matchbox and store displays. Nigel has done a great job concentrating his collection and you'll see from his pictures, it's paid off. A great collector and person.

Christian Falkensteiner's Photo Albums
Geoffrey Leake's Matchbox Page

If you enjoy variations of the 1-75 regular wheel series, this is the site for you. Geoffrey's engaging style is combined with detailed pics of some of the more interesting variations to provide a real treat that continues to grow as he adds new information on a regular basis. As of this writing he is up to 14A, the first Daimler Ambulance. Be sure to check his site out often!!

Box Links [Top]

A true labor of love courtesy of MatchBoxPat to show all the picture box variations from D, E, F and transitional F Types. The page takes time to load, due to the great number of pictures. Be patient !! Use at least a 1024 X 768 resolution for a better view.

Regular Wheel Boxes (1953-1969)

A very good display from Matchbox-Grizzly's site of the A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, C, D1, D2, D3 and D4 type boxes for regular wheel models.

Superfast "F" Type Boxes

A very nice photo album by Christian Falkensteiner showing all the "F" style boxes used for the Superfast models.

All Boxes (1953-1979)

A complete display from Michael Roehr's site of every box type including all the regular wheel, (1953-1969) and Superfast box types, (1970-1979) as well as examples of the Universal and Tyco years (1979-1999).

Real Car Links [Top]
Nick Jones Full Size 1-75

Nick & Debbie's Matchbox Toy collection web-site not only provides great photos and descriptions of Nick & Debbie's collection but also several pages of pictures of full-size vehicles next to their MATCHBOX® counterparts. Nick is well known in Matchbox collecting community for his wonderful rare auction offerings. Be sure to check out the rest of their site after you view the full-size 1-75s!