[Freedom and Fear are at War!!] 66A CITROEN CASTING VARIATION
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My own favorite casting variation is the 66A Citroen without the braces on the inside of the side panels. I looked for one for many years and finally found one last year at the NEC show in Birmingham. It did not cost much, and this is exactly what appeals to me most: you can still find rare variations that do not cost you an arm and a leg. But you have to attend toy shows to do this; you cannot do it on eBay!


I have attempted to produce a comparison picture.

Unfortunately I have not been able to make my camera focus on the inside of the earlier variation because there is nothing there to focus on. At least you can see there is nothing there...


Mine is like the one in the lower photo - does this make it better or worse? Mind you, I bought it from Pat LaMagna and it's in MINT condition!


Actually worse - the lower photo shows the "normal" variation with the brace on the inside.

Used with permission, courtesy of Mark Curtis