[Freedom and Fear are at War!!] 46B-9 BEALES BEALSON VAN
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Beales Bealson Info Needed...
Can someone please share their knowledge on the Beales Bealson Removals Van - I.e. why it is so rare/special, how and when it was issued, some info on the box Etc... I heard somewhere that only 1000 were produced, is this true? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

According to Nigel Cooper, the Bournemouth based department store called Beales gave away 3000 of these vans to customers who spent above a certain amount in store. Beales also owned a subsidiary group of stores called Bealesons, also based around Bournemouth. (Bournemouth, by the way, is an English south coast holiday resort, west of Southampton, near the Isle of Wight). Hence the dual name on the vehicle. Mike Stannard says that in 1962, 3000 black bases with wheels and unpainted bodies were sent by Matchbox to a Bournemouth based third party for assembling, painting and decalling. I suspect not all the models were assembled because I have seen plain brown versions sold at auction and 'Sidewinder' also had several unapplied decals for sale last year. I guess they are relatively easy to forge.

Mint in plain white box with 'its a pleasure label' goes at auction for about 800 + commission.

Used with permission, courtesy of Mark Curtis