[Freedom and Fear are at War!!] KNOBBY vs. FINE TREADS
The Matchbox Collectors Community Hall
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OK, you collectors with those great digital cameras. You assisted Tom and all us others out in the world that couldn't come to grips with the difference between "silver hubs" and "silver wheels" on the 24C through excellent photography. Would someone be so kind as to provide a photo of fine tread and knobby tread.

To tell the difference between knobbley tread and fine tread wheels, just count the the raised knobs around the circumference of the wheel. 18 to 24 is knobbley, 36 to 45 is fine tread. This is for the wheels, models with plastic tyres come in various different treads; #4C (3) has 36,& 72 treads per tyre.

18 treads ("knobby") 20 treads ("knobby")
24 treads ("knobby-fine", per Bowdidge) 30 treads (only on larger wheels)
36 treads ("fine") 45 treads ("fine")
Used with permission, courtesy of Mark Curtis