[Freedom and Fear are at War!!] 75A FORD THUNDERBIRD
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Question on Windows
Can anyone verify the existence of a clear window insert on the popular 75A Thunderbird? The contemporary models such as the 27C Cadillac, 31B Ford Wagon, and the 57B Chevrolet are all known with both clear and green window versions. Clear windows are in my opinion harder to find. I have one 75A with very pale windows but I notice the green only when looking at the corners and angles where the insert is fitted to the body. I don't think that any reference book recognizes both types. So root around your collections and post your findings!

Mark C

A month or a little more ago... We had a discussion on exactly this topic! Follow the link: http://www.mboxcommunity.com/cgi-local/dcforum/dcboard.cgi?az=read_count&om=5&forum=DCForumID29&omm=0


If you check in the Stannard's update section of the hall, you will find a discussion on the T-bird with clear (colorless) windows. It was my understanding if you could see any tinge of green at all, then it is a green windshield.

Used with permission, courtesy of Mark Curtis