[Freedom and Fear are at War!!] 09D BOAT & TRAILER "F" TYPE BOX VARIATION
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Last weekend I came across a variation I had not noticed before on the F type boxes of the 9d Boat & Trailer. The earlier box with "A LESNEY PRODUCT" exists in two different sizes. I had not been aware of the narrower type before, and I only noticed it because the dealer selling it had both variations side by side.


Over the whole period from 1953 to 1982, there are only seven different box sizes in total, and from the F type onward only three of them were still in use - three different widths. These two are the intermediate and wide types. Actually, even the (Superfast) G type boxes for this model come in the same two sizes, which I had known before. Therefore it is surprising that they made the same modification twice. I do not know the reason either. The narrower boxes are just wide enough for the model, but it can "breathe more freely" in the wider ones.

Used with permission, courtesy of Mark Curtis