[Freedom and Fear are at War!!] DECALS vs. LABELS
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Some Decal Questions...
I have some decal or should I say label questions? What is the difference in the following decals or labels?

  • #25c BP Petrol Tanker & #32c Leyland Tanker
  • #55c Ford Galaxie Police & #55d Mercury Police
  • #59b Ford Fairlane Fire Chief & #59c Ford Galaxie Fire Chief

  • The side decals on 25c and 32c are identical, but 32c is much more commonly found with labels rather than decals. 25c exists only with decals.
  • Decals and labels on 55c and 55d are identical. In this case 55c is much more common with decals rather than labels, for 55d the reverse is true. Overlaps and even mixes of decals and labels exist on both models but are fairly scarce.
  • Hood decals on 59b and 59c are identical; 59b exists only with decals, while 59c is also found with labels. 59b normally has "FIRE CHIEF" side decals; shield decals which are identical to those of 59c are also found on 59b but rare. On 59c decals and labels are about equally common (mixes also exist), but there is some correlation between the decals/labels and baseplate castings. The earlier "No. 55/59" casting is most commonly found with decals, whereas for the later "No. 59" casting labels are more common.
Used with permission, courtesy of Mark Curtis