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Matchbox Collectors Community Hall

The Matchbox Collectors Community Hall is a "Worldwide Meeting Place for Matchbox Collectors of All Ages" that I highly recommend for any die cast enthusiast. Several forums are available including The Corgi/Husky Forum, a discussion area for collectors of Corgi and Husky Die-Cast moderated by noted Corgi and Diecast Authority Bill Manzke.

Gary's Cars

Includes two very nice pages of red and yellow blister packed cards as well as a picture of a rare Husky collector's carrying case on the first page.

My Childhood Dilemma

A nice page of personal history and pictures of the Husky models that caused the page's owner, Mark Curtis, a dilemma at an early age.

Nick & Debbie's Husky Page

The Husky page on Nick & Debbie's Matchbox Toy collection web-site. Nick and Debbie are a great source of all matters related to Matchbox and also have this nice page of examples of many of the Husky models.

Real Car Links [Top]
Monkeemobile [Monkeemobile]
Man from U.N.C.L.E. [Man from U.N.C.L.E.]
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [Chitty Chitty Bang Bang]
Ford Transit Martin Walter Caravan [Husky 40 Ford Transit Martin Walter Caravan] [Husky 40 Ford Transit Martin Walter Caravan]
Jensen Interceptor [Corgi Jr 46 Jensen Interceptor]