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Hi and Welcome!!

I collect die cast toys; Matchbox, Moko, Lesney, Budgie, Husky, Corgi Junior, Benbros, Qualitoy, Johnny Lightning, Morestone, Morris & Stone, Norev, Lone Star, Impy, Roadmaster, you get the idea. Mostly vintage 1/64 scale but I also have larger Budgies as well as some newer die cast like Johnny Lightning and Norev. I also collect the accessories, dealer displays, literature, and whatever else I can find about these toys.

So as I go about collecting it never fails that I somehow wind up with duplicates. I've listed those here as available for sale for you to add to your collection. I'm not a dealer so I'm only selling what I have listed here on these pages.

Within the U.S. items are shipped via Insured 1st Class Mail to save $$s (unless you specify otherwise.) International is shipped at cost. I don't try to make money off packing materials or trips to the Post Office. I have a no-haggle policy. You don't like it, we don't haggle. Send it back to me and I send you your money back. It's a hobby, not a career. ;-)

So enjoy the pictures and email me at forsale@dfwbeckett.com if you see some things you want or have questions. All descriptions are to the best of my ability. Since I'm a collector I describe the items as I would expect them to be described to me.

Have fun and thanks again.

Moko, Lesney, Matchbox Die Cast

Click here to see what I have for sale in Moko, Lesney, Matchbox Regular Wheel, Matchbox Superfast and Mattel's New 35th Anniversary Superfast

Moko, Lesney, Matchbox Literature

Click here to see dealer catalogs and collector catalogs and books that I have for sale.

Husky, Corgi Junior (Mettoy)

Click here to see what I have for sale in Mettoy's Husky and Corgi Junior models.

Budgie, Benbros, Qualitoy, Morestone, Morris & Stone

Click here to see what I have for sale in these classic British die cast miniature models.

Johnny Lightning, Norev

Click here to see the newest in quality die cast available for sale from my collection.